Hello traveller!

You have probably arrived here because you have an interest in the The Free World Charter, or Freeworlder.com (now Sharebay), LifeGames Books, HonorPay, or the work of Colin R. Turner. All of these projects were previously supported under the umbrella of Free World One.

In March 2020, I made the difficult decision to cease Free World One as a startup venture, mainly for the reason that our primary product LifeGames had grossly underperformed on all estimates. I was faced with the choice of raising more funds to continue promoting a product that had already shown very poor sales results, or abandoning the project. I chose to abandon the project.

The proposed company structure was such that LifeGames was to be the prime ‘breadwinner’ that would finance the other non-commercial or low paying projects. Obviously, without an income from LifeGames, such a company structure was not possible.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom!

All the projects that were under the FW1 umbrella are still very much alive and growing.

LifeGames app is now completely free for Android and is available on paperback at Amazon; The Free World Charter continues to amass signatures towards a better world; Sharebay is showing real promise as an online hub for sharing free goods and services; HonorPay continues to help people demonstrate appreciation and gratitude; Colin continues to disseminate his ideas and writings through talks and books.

Though it’s no longer possible to invest in these projects as a commercial venture, they continue to require financial support for maintenance costs and improvements. So please do consider making a donation or supporting any of these projects with a purchase.

Thank you,

Colin R. Turner

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